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Homeopathy with Helen Boyle-Dawson

I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our Natural Therapy Team - our Homeopath at the Chiswick Health & Wellness Spa.

Helen is a qualified and successful Homeopath. Helen has extensive
knowledge and expertise having had her own practice for four years is a
great addition to our team.

Homeopathic treatment may be used for all conditions to improve health
and well-being. Helen's extensive knowledge may assist with treatment
for Birth and Pregnancy, Fertility and Homeopathy, Emotional issues,
Infants and toddlers, for children with additional needs, or for Women's
Health including menopause, and much more!

Helen is originally from New Zealand and also previously helped run an
Acute Drop in clinic with other successful and experienced Homeopaths.

Helen will hold regular talks and events please do ask for details.
Helen looks forward to working together with you to improve your health
and well-being. For more details on how Homeopathic treatment may help
you please visit www.homeopathicchoice.com or follow Helen in twitter:

Helen Boyle-Dawson Homeopath

+44 (0)20 8995 2293

www.homeopathicchoice.com Chiswick Health & Wellness Spa

300-302 Chiswick High Road


W4 1N