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Osteopathy with Deborah Etheredge

Meet the osteopath Deborah graduated in 1998 from the college of osteopaths & naturopaths. She has worked both in the UK and NZ, practising in a GP surgery, a private hospital, consulting rooms in W1, a multidisciplinary health practise and for the last five years here at the Chiswick Health & Wellness Spa.

Before training as an osteopath & naturopath, Deborah was a registered nurse for 13 years, working in many London hospitals, as well as Australia and New Zealand, the latter being her home.


Deborah is passionate about Osteopathy and the integration of all health disciplines and keenly advocates the promotion of it to all ages. Being a mother of two and an active volunteer for the National childbirth trust charity, she has a special interest in pregnancy and the treatment of babies and children, although treats all ages, both genders, and all neuromuscular states that an osteopath would see.


Some of the osteopathic techniques Deborah uses range from the very gentle type involved with paediatrics to the classical type used on many adults. These incorporate stretching soft tissues like muscle, mobilisation and adjustments if necessary to joints, fascial releasing, as well as visceral techniques involving the release of restrictions to internal organs. Another

popular adjunct to Deborah’s treatment, is dry needling. This is the insertion of an acupuncture needle into muscle to release spasm in it. This is very effective in the treatment of whiplash or chronic issues like frozen shoulder.


Whatever it is you are seeking osteopathic treatment for, Deborah’s approach is professional and reassuring and because of her wealth of experience and depth of knowledge her service is very comprehensive and informative.


Deborah is an independent practitioner so you can contact her directly to discuss treatment, or we can make an appointment for you, our receptionists are available 7 days a week.


  • Adult Initial Consultation £75
  • Adult Follow up £65
  • Child Initial Consultation £60
  • Child Follow up £50

The initial appointment will be for one hour whether adult or child. Follow-ups are 45 minutes. Child= Newborn - 14 Years

She is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Evening clinics are run on a Wednesday and Friday.

Please feel welcome to call her on her mobile 07923372944 if you wish to discuss any queries regarding osteopathy and/or whether it is appropriate for you.